Friday, March 30, 2012

Cincy Story Mural Update

The Cincy Story Mural is a new project dedicated to celebrating the greater Cincinnati area’s people and cultures through collaborative art and storytelling. The idea came from Krista Brinkmeyer, a member of Starfire U who is interested in photography, art, and community engagement. The mural is Krista's senior project for Starfire U, and there are many community partners involved with making the project a success- Public Allies, DIY Printing, Yelp, and to name a few.

There are also many community members who are a part of the Cincy Story Mural; in fact, the community is the focus of this project. Over 100 community members have been involved with the project, through photograph and story sharing, volunteering, and hosting photo/story sharing events in their own homes and communities.

As the project progresses, the focus is on community engagement. There will be a total of four murals sites in various locations throughout Cincinnati. The murals will debut in June 2012, and there will be launch events at each site. Stay tuned for more information on mural launch events!

Cincinnati resident Tawanda Rollins

The Cincy Story Mural blog is coming along, with more and more interested and engaged community members each day! All are invited to share their stories and what they love about the community of Cincinnati on the Cincy Story Mural blog.

Cincinnati resident Maria Eggers

Even if you weren't born here, don't plan on staying here, or don't live here any longer, your memories, feelings, and reflections about the community of Cincinnati are encouraged and welcomed! You can submit them at

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