Tuesday, March 20, 2012

National Youth Service Summit: Day of Celebration & Service - Mar 31st!

Do you know any students involved with great service work? Please encourage your students to participate in the 2012 National Youth Service Summit: Day of Celebration and Service.  They can win prizes, and signing-up is easy.  Just click HERE or use the link below ("This Online Form"). More information about the event is below.

Attached is the Service Symposium flier; use and/or distribute as you wish, including to any students or student groups. For more information, you can contact: Jordan Huizenga, Children, Inc., director of development, 859.431.2075 x128, jhuizenga@childreninc.org.

The online form for participating in the Symposium:  This Online Form.

Why participate?
Participating in the Service Symposium is a valuable opportunity for students because it allows the opportunity to not only hone their presentation skills and present on a project they’ve completed, but it allows them the opportunity to win grant money to support the growth of their project (three $250 mini-grants available for college students). Furthermore, all participants will be recognized for their outstanding dedication to the community and have the opportunity to be featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Competition feature
There will be a set of judges going around talking with high school and post-secondary students about their projects to determine the winners of mini-grants. Expect judges to  be looking at things like scalability, impact, student voice, and learning outcomes (curricular and co-curricular). You can contact Mary Kay or Kelly Tarver (ktarver@childreninc.org) if you have specific questions about the judging.

The Jefferson Award will be part of the Symposium. Winners of mini-grants will receive a Jefferson Award certificate and pin.

Who can participate?
The Service Symposium is open to any projects, service learning and co-curricular service. What the organizers are trying to highlight is high impact service, both for the student and the community, and they understand and recognize that this happens both in and out of the classroom.

Day of the event: The particulars
Day-of particulars for the Symposium are written out on the attached Symposium Flier, but basically the following:
    1. Service Symposium - Saturday, March 31 from 1-3:30 in the Grand Ballroom of the Millennium hotel in downtown Cincinnati.
    2. Students should bring all necessary presentation materials (laptops, speakers, handouts, tri-fold poster boards, etc.) for their table top displays to the hotel no later than 12:30pm to be setup for the Symposium.
    3. Student presenters should stay from 1-3:30pm, students not presenting, but interested in viewing the displays can come anytime between 1-3:30pm.

Higher ed volunteer opportunity
If a group of students is interested in serving as adult volunteers/chaperones the morning of Saturday, March 31 from 8am-1pm, downtown Cincinnati, contact Carol@ugive.org. If college age students are interested in presenting 40 minute workshops to groups of high school students at the conference they should fill out This Online RFP to be considered for a workshop presentation.

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