Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Justice League 2011-12 Enters Final Quarter!

While much of the Social Justice League is on their way to the annual RAPPORT Retreat, it's a good time to highlight who's on this awesome team that's doing great work on our campus.

Heading into our final quarter, the League has sixteen members on track to graduate as RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educators.  Many of the team members will be venturing into co-facilitating workshops this spring and several have basically already completed the certification requirements but are still going strong through spring!

Here is the League:

Allison Furterer - RAPP XXVI
Brice Mickey - RAPP XXV, XXVI Peer Leader
Cassie Baxter - RAPP XXVI
DeVorah YisraEL - RAPP XXIV, XXV Peer Leader, SJL 2010-11, RAPPORT Intern 2011-12
Joey Scheiber - RAPP XXVI
Jojo Azevedo - RAPP XXIV, XXVI Peer Leader, SJL 2010-11, RAPP Intern 2011-12
Kevin Weber - RAPP XXVI
Marjorie Bledsoe - RAPP XXV, XXVI Peer Leader, SJL 2010-11, RAPP Public Ally 2011-12
Matt Miller - RAPP XXVI
Matthew Woodruff - RAPP XXVI, XXVII Peer Leader
Mieshia Barnes - RAPP XXIV, XXVII Peer Leader
Rachel Berman - RAPP XXV, XXVI Peer Leader, SJL 2010-11, RAPP Inter 2011-12
Robert Filbin - RAPP XXV, SJL 2010-11
Tyler Thompson - RAPP XXV, SJL 2010-11, XXVII Peer Leader
Wil Pierce - RAPP XXV, SJL 2010-11, XXVII Peer Leader

The League works throughout the year to exemplify social justice education by committing to continual self-reflection and intentional development work as a social justice educator.

Please wish them the best as they finish out the year!
Several of these RAPP stars are completing the RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator certification!

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