Monday, March 26, 2012

RAPP XXVIII Applications Now Available!

An exciting "tradition" in RAPP over the past few years has been that of making applications for the coming year's group available on the first day of Spring Quarter.

Since today is that day, I'm excited to announce that we're now accepting applications for RAPP XXVIII, the 2012-13 class of RAPP academic year long program!

Interested in getting involved in RAPP?  Check out our join RAPP page!

Know someone you'd like to encourage to apply?  Send them to our join RAPP page!

Here's all the info that's important for people to know:


Download the RAPP XXVIII interest form HERE to begin your application for the 2012-13 group!

Program Overview
The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development offers the nine-month RAPP intensive for students to challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social justice.  We explore race, culture, gender, socioeconomic class, sexuality, and other areas of difference through sharing our experiences and building a community of Bearcats committed to creating a more just community and world.
Through full participation in the RAPP process over an academic year, participants:

  • Develop relationships with 35+ other Bearcats
  • Enhance their ability to communicate across difference for learning and understanding
  • Deepen their understanding of oppression
  • Develop knowledge and skills to more effectively fight oppression and create inclusive communities

RAPP’s curriculum is based in best practices in the realms of social justice education, intergroup dialogue, and inclusive leadership development.  Participants in RAPP join a community 27 years in the making and hundreds strong who have completed this challenging and rewarding program!
How to ApplyThere are three steps to apply for this life-changing program:

  1. Read the Information for Potential Applicants.  This piece is designed to cover the most common questions people have about RAPP to help you decide if RAPP is what you're looking for.
  2. Complete a written application.  This application gathers basic information from candidates.  Information on how to access the application is available in the Information for Potential Applicants, which you are expected to read before completing a written application.
  3. Schedule and complete an in-person interview.  These interviews take approximately 45 minutes and are conducted by RAPP staff and volunteers.  Interviews will begin to be offered in mid-spring quarter.
Please contact RAPP staff at 513.556.6119 or with any questions you have!

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