Monday, July 13, 2009

A Few Good (Peer) Leaders

As I've been building our "new" understanding of RAPP's history, I've been learning more and more about the role RAPPORT students have played with the program. They've done many things in different ways and the current incarnation of the group continues to evolve.

One of the more visible things RAPPORT students did the last two year was serve as Peer Leaders. In 2007-2008 we had Maika, Chantal, and Mia work with RAPP XXIII in basically that role (we didn't have a formal name for what they did). They helped with the execution of meetings and worked as a supportive peer within the group. They were able to bridge the gap that can appear between facilitators - with the somewhat more formal relationship we have with group members and administrative roles we fill - to connect with the current RAPPers as peer who encourage them to be the best RAPPer they can be.

This past year with RAPP XXIV we had the amazing Deanna Heiden and awesome Kinsey Borzone serve as Peer Leaders with the Wednesday group and Sunday group, respectively. They were great at both helping lead activities within the group, take the conversations we had to a deeper level, and be a great support for the RAPPers throughout the challenging RAPP process. They were also incredibly flexible during all the changes RAPP was undergoing with new leadership and a new curricular focus.

We've just started the hunt for our next batch. I can't wait to see the great group of Peer Leaders we have this year!

(Pic - Deanna, RAPPORT Peer Leader for RAPP XXIV Wednesday group, with Wednesday RAPPers Chika O and Jojo B)


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