Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Much Needed Update

One of the amazing but challenging parts of RAPP is the continual process of self-evaluation and acknowledging the ways in which we perpetuate oppression in our daily lives. I finally have dealt with one of those that's been bugging me for a while.

Back in December I made a little video for RAPP (shown in an earlier post). Right away I caught a few typos and less-than-quality photos that needed to be swapped out. But, I never fixed those. A while later I realized another big issue. But, I kept using the same excuses - I hate MovieMaker, no one else will notice, I just don't have time - to avoid fixing it.

Considering how much it bugged me, it's sad that I took this long to finally start fixing it (the issue transfered over to later videos with the same format/different songs).

If you watch the section on how RAPP "A place to teach others," nearly all the active people in the pictures were White.

I think the biggest (somewhat) unconscious excuse I used to take so long to fix it was having to 'fess up that I perpetuated the all-too-common racist assumption that White people have the most to teach others.

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