Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Throwing Numbers

I had dinner yesterday with a friend from RAPP XVI. Along with the fun of generally catching up, I had two great RAPP moments:

1. At one point while I was going on about RAPP, she said "[sigh] I miss those conversations!" In her day to day work, there aren't the opportunities for the kind of conversations we have in RAPP. It reminded me that this is true for most of us, even for me at points and - hey! - my work is RAPP.

2. We were reminiscing about people in our groups and she simultaneously said "yeah, RAPP XVI!" and made the number with her arms. I got excited because that's what I do from RAPP XXII! I know not everyone in every group throws up the group numbers, but we both did. For her, even eight years after her RAPP year she still threw the numbers when she talked about her group! I showed her RAPP XXIV's awesome integration of numbers and dropping knowledge. Very impressive, I know. ;)

Great times with a great friend!

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