Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Final Days - RAPP Facilitator Recruitment

It's an exciting time as we come down to the wire: Applications to be a RAPP Facilitator are due on or by August 1st! We'll be interviewing the top candidates in mid-August and should announce our new facilitator for RAPP XXV by the end of the month.

The job description is posted below. To apply, simply send a resume and cover letter to Rebecca (lehmanrl at uc dot edu).

Facilitator for RAPP (Racial Awareness Program)
Student Activities and Leadership Development

· A bachelor degree (education, social work, family studies, sociology, or related field preferred)
· Experience working with adults or teens from diverse backgrounds
· Experience facilitating groups is preferred
· Working understanding of social justice theory and student development theory is preferred
· The ideal candidate should be inspirational, talented, able to share leadership, and committed to the program.

General Duties: Under supervision of the Program Coordinator for RAPP, the facilitator supports the functions of RAPP (Racial Awareness Program) by assisting in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program.

Specific Responsibilities:

· Participate in two-day facilitation pre-service training

· Participate in promotional activities for the recruitment of members

· After appropriate training, conduct intake interviews

· Participate in the planning and evaluation of RAPP sessions

· Facilitate four three-hour meetings and one overnight retreat for each academic quarter (three quarters/year)

Time Commitment: The facilitator must be able to commit for one academic year (nine months, September-May). Work time includes pre-service training, participation in recruitment activities, twelve meetings, three over-night retreats, weekly planning meetings, and limited tasks associated with meetings/retreats.

Compensation: The facilitator is considered to be an independent contractor and is compensated in the amount of $4,000.00 for a nine-month commitment.

(pic - Sarvani P, one of our awesome facilitators for RAPP XXV)

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