Friday, July 17, 2009

XXIV are Always Dropping Knowledge

July must be official t-shirt awesomeness month. Earlier, we heard from Trisha of RAPP XVI about how she's still using her RAPP t-shirt. Then, the other day, my RAPP XXIV t-shirt spawned a good bus conversation.

I was headed downtown and got off at the main station on 5th. While exiting, I kept hearind someone say "Sir, sir! Your t-shirt!" A man from the bus tapped my arm and I realized he was talking to me. I said hi and he started talking about the quote on the back of the t-shirt. He said it spoke the truth and was really powerful.

I couldn't (and can't) help but agree. We talked about RAPP briefly and I told him that our group picked the quote. I also talked about how I felt the quote had been so appropriate for our group because that philosophy is what we needed to get us through our joint retreat.

Great job picking a great quote, RAPP XXIV! You'll be dropping knowledge as long as these shirts are wearable!

Also, I'm greatly looking forward to the upcoming issue of UC Magazine, in which wonder-facilitator Sarvani is sporting her RAPP shirt!

(pic - back of the RAPP XXIV shirt)


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