Thursday, July 9, 2009

RAPP in the Halls

I first learned about RAPP living in the residence halls at UC. I became an resident advisor in Spring of 1998 and Matt McCaren (longtime RAPP facilitator) was my resident. He soon became an RA and every hall I visited I knew of RAs in RAPP. As I've met more RAPPers from "back in the day" (i.e. back before I'd heard of RAPP), I've found that many of them were also RAs.

This apparent tradition lives on. I just learned that five of our RAPP XXIV members are RAs for the upcoming year! Congratulations to Isaiah Powell, Tad Miller, Emily Sides, Mykea Ruffin, and Lisa Watkins for your RA positions!

I mentioned that we had five RAPPers as RAs in the coming year in my Facebook status yesterday and was delighted to get this comment back from Trisha Lay, a RAPP XVI member:

"i had a res life retreat today and we had to bring something that represented what was important to us when we were 18-22 years old. i brought my rapp xvi shirt...still have it and still thankful for the experience of being a part of rapp."

Pic - Jen P and Lisa W, two RAPP XXIV members who were RAs during their RAPP year.

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