Thursday, July 30, 2009


To me, Oreo cookies are a ubiquitous RAPP food. When I joined, we had a ton at the every retreat - even varieties I'd never heard of. Who knew there was more than Regular and Double Stuffed?!

When I became a facilitator, I helped maintain the omnipresence of Oreos at RAPP retreats and events. Now, I have a tendency to call them "the official RAPP food." This is probably something I've made up in my mind as being a "RAPP thing," but still I keep it going.

At the urging of Jojo, we had cookies at our Student Spotlight table today. We mostly just gave them to folks for fun without pressure to listen to a spiel. Still, they may have helped - we talked with two applicants today. They've now been sucked into my "Oreos are RAPP food" myth.

I'm curious - what other things do RAPPers associate with the RAPP experience? I'd love to hear what, if anything, were previous dietary traditions - whether you feel they were made up by you (as with me and Oreos) or not.

(pic - our little plate of Oreos from today, B&W b/c my poor little camera-phone made them look disgusting in color)

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