Monday, September 27, 2010

Asian Student Welcome

The staff of Ethnic Programs & Services organized a wildly successful Asian Student Welcome 2010!  So many students came that we couldn't fit into the large multi-room space that is 400TUC!

We were able to set up a promotional table for RAPP.  We also were given the opportunity to speak to the attendees - Rachel (XXV) did an outstanding job talking about RAPP!

 Many of us sat together, but we made friends with leaders of the Japanese American Student Society!

Dean of Students and Associate Vice President of Student Life Frank Bowen gave an official welcome from the University.

Our University's new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Santa Ono welcomed students new and returning to see him as a resource at UC.

Many thanks to all the RAPPers who came out for fun and to promote RAPP:  Brice (XXV), Rachel (XXV), Jojo (XXIV), and Jotale (XXV).

The Welcome ended with a performance from the UC Breakdance Club:

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