Saturday, September 25, 2010

RAPP T-Shirt Day & Info Tables

RAPP T-Shirt Day was the first day of classes and coincided with an informational table on MainStreet.

As always, Jojo came out with his RAPP shirt on for the RAPP shirt day!

Jotale (XXV) and Kinsey (XXIII) catch up with Asha (XXIV) and her pup companion at the RAPP info table.

The idea to have two info tables during the first week of classes and the work of filling the table with volunteers came from our recruitment team - Jojo & Brice. Jojo likened it to "a poster with people" - an interactive way to learn about the program.

In terms of connecting with people, it was a smashing success!  Some approached because they'd heard of RAPP before and were excited to meet people involved face-to-face.  Some had never heard of RAPP before and were able to learn about us from folks involved.

On Wednesday, we got 12 short applications filled out and gave out a dozen more for people to take and think about.  Many thanks to Jourdi (XXV), Jotale (XXV), Adam (XXV), and Kinsey (XXIII) for helping at the table!  

On Thursday, we got 17 short applications filled out and gave out a dozen more to folks who may contact us later.  Contacts were also made for future outreach workshops.  Many thanks to Kinsey for staffing the table the whole time, mostly by herself!

Looks like we might have a new recruiting tradition - stand-alone tables!

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