Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meet the RAPP XXVI Peer Leaders!

We had many great RAPPers apply to be Peer Leaders with RAPP XXVI and it was a tough decision to select our five for the year.  The facilitation team and I are greatly looking forward to the year ahead with the amazing RAPPers!

Amber - Tuesday Peer Leader
Here's a quick intro to our RAPP XXVI Peer Leaders:

Amber - Tuesday
Amber was an active participant in RAPP XXV Wednesday group.  She's a post-graduate student preparing for medical school.
Brice - Tuesday Peer Leader
Brice - Tuesday

Brice was a great participant in RAPP XXV Wednesday group.  He's studying Information Technology in the College of Engineering and Applied Science.  He's currently a recruitment leader and has told RAPP XXVI "I like to be involved and you should too!"

Jojo - Wednesday
Jojo - Wednesday Peer Leader

Jojo is a well-known graduate of RAPP XXIV Wednesday group and volunteered behind the scenes with RAPP XXV (to all who ate food at Spring Retreat - thank Jojo!).   He also helped pick the new RAPP logo through his work on the RAPP Rebranding Committee.
Jojo is a leader in UC's Japanese American Student Society and active in UC Alliance.

Marjorie - Wednesday
Marjorie - Wednesday Peer Leader

Marjorie was the Terence L Jones Diversity Award winner in RAPP XXV Tuesday.  Here's her Peer Leader bio:
I am 28, from rural Ohio, and an artist by trade. I’ve been a potter since I was 19, and for the past 5 years I have been teaching ceramics while attending college. I transferred to UC in 2009 from Hocking College where I studied the business of art and music. I am currently a junior in the DAAP fine arts program at UC, and hope to continue my education in a masters or doctoral program at UC. I am an eclectic person, and I love the diversity of the city. Attending UC and participating in the RAPP program has been an awakening experience for me. I now feel more confident in myself, and more understanding of the different perspectives we all have.
Rachel - Tuesday Peer Leader

Rachel - Tuesday

Rachel was a great member of RAPP XXV Wednesday.  Here's her Peer Leader Bio:
I'm a third-year Political Science and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies double major, Pre-law. I am very involved on campus, especially with McMicken Student Ambassadors and Model UN. I'm really interested in all things RAPP and I can't wait to be a Peer Leader with RAPP XXVI.

We've got a great year ahead with some outstanding Peer Leaders for our excellent new group of RAPPers!

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