Monday, September 27, 2010

Un Poco of Hispanic Student Welcome

Last Thursday was the annual Hispanic Student Welcome organized by Ethnic Programs & Services.  By all accounts, it was a smashing success! Many students came out to celebrate UC, welcome new students, and share/learn about campus resources for Latino/a students.
Rather than a full table for each organization, we all collaborated to share the few tables available in Mick & Mack's Cafe.  There were resources from a dozen great organizations!

Student Body President Drew Smith, Student Body Vice-President Mark Rooney, and Special Interests Cabinet Director Ron Hart-Brown talked about how to get involved in Undergraduate Student Government and the First Year Experience internship program.

A representative of Alpha Psi Lambda co-ed Latino/a fraternity talked about the organization and how to get involved.

Dr. Mitchell Livingston, Vice-President of Student Affairs and Services and Chief Diversity Officer, gave an official welcome from the University and our president.

Leaders from Latinos en Accion spoke about the history of the organization and the many activities they have coming up this year.

Jojo (XXIV) spoke about what RAPP meant for him and why he encourages students to join.  You can't see it in this picture, but joining us at the mic were Lisa (XXIV), Krystal (XXIV), LaToya (XXIV), Jotale (XXV), and Kinsey (XXIII).

There were other speakers, but these are the only I caught on film.  Also not shown is the delicious meal we all shared and the fun times we had mingling with other attendees.

Many thanks to all who came out and represented organizations!  Even bigger thanks to the wonderful staff of Ethnic Programs and Services for organizing the event!

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