Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little About Akwaaba: Black Student Welcome 2010

Akwaaba 2010 - the Black Student Welcome - was organized by Ethnic Programs and Services and the African American Cultural and Resource Center.  It was HUGE!!!

I did a terrible job documenting in photo the event, so keep your eyes tuned to the AACRC website for photos.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Ohio Governor Ted Strickland kicked off the event with a rousing call to academic excellence and staying politically engaged.
  • Vice-President of Student Affairs & Services and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Mitchell Livingston gave a state of affairs of diversity at UC - particularly highlighting the many great things happening here at UC.
  • UC President Dr. Gregory Williams gave an official University welcome.
  • Several state officials and candidates spoke, including Congressperson Steve Driehaus.
  • All new students participated in break-out sessions that connected them with campus faculty and staff.
  • The Black Arts Collaborative gave an original performance that integrated several of the arts - singing, spoken word, and dance.
  • Several NPHC sororities and fraternities participated in a stroll session.
Here are a few of the RAPPers caught on camera:
There are so many RAPPers you can't see the RAPP table!  Back left to right: Kinsey (XXIII), Mieshia (XXIV), Zina (XXV), Marjorie (XXV), and Lane (XXV).  Front left to right: Dy'Mand (XXV) and Kristin (XXV).

 Chika (XXIV) and Asha (XXIV) helped welcome the first year students to UC!

Mieshia (XXIV) and Stephanie (XXIV) caught on camera during a performance.

Many thanks to all who came out and represented RAPP!  It was exciting to see "the official premier" of Jojo's great RAPP commercial.  It was also great to see the recruitment wunderkinds Mieshia and Zina work their magic on new students!  We got 26 applicants - most through those two!

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