Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seeking Students for the Administrative Review Committee

University Judicial Affairs is seeking student applicants - both undergraduate and graduate - for the Administrative Review Committee (ARC).

The ARC is a group of faculty, staff, and students who are selected by Judicial Affairs to participate in the review process for individuals who have allegedly violated the Student Code of Conduct.  When an allegation against a student is made, the student is invited to meet with a Procedural Hearing Administrator  to resolve the allegation.  If found responsible, the student has the option of accepting responsibility for the action and the sanction determined by the Administrator, or the student may elect to have his or her case heard by the ARC.

The role of the ARC is to listen actively and objectively to all the information presented by both the accused student and any witness or other statements.  The ARC is responsible for determining whether the accused student is responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct, if so, administering the appropriate sanction.  The main goals of the ARC are to uphold the University's rules and protect the University community while also promoting the educational growth and development of each student.

Student members of the ARC play a very important role in shaping the University's response to student behavior, as there are twice as many students on the ARC as faculty or staff.  This creates a great opportunity for students, as peers, to understand and address and alleged violation from a similar perspective as the accused student, which ultimately makes the decisions of the ARC stronger and more influential.  
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After training for the committee, the actual time commitment per quarter is considered minimal.

If you are interested in applying for the ARC, please contact Daniel Cummins, Director of Univ. Judicial Affairs and Assistant Dean of Students at 513.556.6814 or check out the ARC website for an application.

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