Friday, September 17, 2010


The way we take applications to RAPP - or RAPPlications as someone cleverly called them yesterday - is a multi-step process:
  • People contact us for information/application.  Last year we had over 170 people contact us for this.  The response is a somewhat long email that gives the person lots of information.  It covers the basics of what RAPP is and does, the commitment we ask for, and the application process.
  • People fill out a written application.  The application is attached to the informational email and takes people about five to ten minutes to complete.  People can return them several ways - by email, fax, mail, or in person.  We just ask that it's return before or at the interview.
  • People take an interview.  The word interview is a bit formal for what this is intended - it's really a time where the applicant gets to ask all the questions they can think of and we ask a few back to explore what they're interested in and get their thoughts on RAPP things like confidentiality and commitment.
  • RAPPers get a phone call!  Actually, all applicants get emails and phone calls on Friday, October 8th.  That's when we announce who got in, which group they're in, who's on the waiting list, and how the waiting list works.
We've got 70 spots for students between the two groups!  Last year we had over 170 people contact us for applications.  About 78 of them continued on in the application process and all but a few were placed.

We're accepting applications through October 1st!  Help us spread the word!  If you know someone who's interested, you can always send them to the "Join RAPP!" page online!

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