Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing the RAPP XXVII Leadership Team

Tonight is the first of two pre-service trainings for RAPP XXVII facilitators and Peer Leaders, so I thought it a great day to announce who the team is!

Below are their pictures and biographies.

Jojo Azevedo - RAPP Facilitator, Communication Intern
Jojo Azevedo - RAPP XXVII Tuesday Facilitator 
RAPP XXIV, RAPP XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-11

My name is Jojo Azevedo. I am a fourth year student, studying communication. I am also an Aries who enjoys long walks down Calhoun Street, usually stopping for frozen yogurt. My RAPP commitment began as a member of RAPP XXIV. I continued my involvement the following year, attending RAPPORT meetings and working as Enrollment Facilitator. I then became a peer leader for RAPP XXVI. My overall experience with RAPP has given me so much, but most importantly, RAPP has challenged me to attain more insight into how myself and others perceive the world. This knowledge has endless possibilities. Now as a facilitator for RAPP XXVII, I hope to improve as a leader and better allow others to gain their own awareness.  

Marjorie Bledsoe - RAPP Facilitator, Public Ally
 Marjorie Bledsoe - RAPP XXVII Facilitator, Public Ally
RAPP XXV, RAPP XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-11

My name is Marjorie Bledsoe, I am from Oxford Ohio.  I am an artist and a musician, and I enjoy gardening and cooking.  I got involved with RAPP in 2009 while I was attending UC, and continued as a peer leader with the program last year. I am excited to be the RAPP Public Ally for the 2011-2012 schoolyear.  

Matthew Woodruff - RAPP Peer Leader

Matthew Woodruff - RAPP XXVII Tuesday Peer LeaderRAPP XXVI

Greetings to my fellow RAPPers. My name is Matt Woodruff and I will be one of your peer leaders for the RAPP XXVII Tuesday group. I am a second year student at UC studying Arabic as well as international human rights. My current ambition in life is to work for a non-governmental organization in southwest Asia or northern Africa that deals with human rights violations. As a freshman last year I feel that RAPP introduced me to a great group of people on and off campus and helped to further my knowledge on topics that I had only delved into previously on the surface. I am returning this year to RAPP in hopes to expand my knowledge even further on these issues, better understand how to serve as an advocate for underserved peoples, and connect with other individuals and gain insights into how they perceive the world and its issues. I am quick witted when it comes to humor, however my serious statements are a lot more thought out. I look forward to sharing laughs and serious conversations and hopefully benefiting your RAPP experience.

Mieshia Barnes - RAPP Peer Leader
Mieshia London Barnes - RAPP XXVII Tuesday Peer Leader

My name is Mieshia Barnes AKA London I am a Peer Leader for Tuesday Group. I am a fourth year student, studying communication with a certificate in PR. I was a member of RAPP XXIV. My hair is always changing! I very nice and outspoken! I like to make people feel comfortable and I'm the weird one that will shout across campus to speak to you! lol hope this is a great year for everyone!

Rachel Berman - RAPP XXVII Facilitator, WGSS Intern

Rachel Berman - RAPP XXVII Wednesday Facilitator
 RAPP XXV, RAPP XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-11

My name is Rachel Berman and I'm a 4th year graduating senior doubling majoring in Political Science and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. I was a member of RAPP XXV and a Peer Leader in RAPP XXVI and will be serving as a facilitator for RAPP XXVII Wednesday. Outside of RAPP I am President of the Model United Nations team, an active member of Genderbloc, the former President of McMicken Student Ambassadors, as well as a member of A&S Tribunal and Ohio Advocates. Although I am always very busy RAPP is definitely my favorite and my top priority, so I'm really looking forward to this year!

Tyler Thompson - RAPP Peer Leader
 Tyler Thompson - RAPP XXVII Wednesday Peer Leader
RAPP XXV, Social Justice League 2010-11

I am a third year student studying neuroscience and psychology.  I was in RAPP XXV during my freshman year. I am currently pretty involved on campus as a member of GenderBloc, the founder of Colors of Pride, and now as a RAPP peer leader.  With the help of these groups and the national organization Advocates for Youth, I try to make UC a better place for LGBTQ students.  I really enjoy learning about social justice and I’m really excited about RAPP XXVII.

Wil Pierce - RAPP Peer Leader

Wil Pierce - RAPP XXVII Wednesday Peer Leader
RAPP XXV, Social Justice League 2010-11

Alumnus of RAPP XXV and two AmeriCorps programs, William Pierce is currently a graduate student in the Educational Studies program at the University of Cincinnati.  His studies focus on the politics behind educational and social inequalities.  William serves as an Assistant Residence Coordinator on campus, working with student workers and residents to maintain a healthy community within Stratford Heights. Also, he enjoys diverting RAPP conversations toward religion, politics, ethics, and humor when the opportunity arises.

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