Friday, June 28, 2013

A New Way to Apply for RAPP XXIX: Through UC Campus LINK

As mentioned earlier, RAPP is among the first organizations helping launch the community-changing UC Campus LINK.

RAPP has accepted applications in a variety of ways over the last five years:  Handwritten, Word documents, Google forms, and fillable PDF.

We're now adding a new way for RAPP XXIX:  A UC Campus LINK Form!

While a limitation of the Campus LINK site is that it's not accessible to alumni who no longer have a UC email address, it does have some functions that can be done without having registered for the site with the UC login.  Included among these are online forms.

Applicants can now easily fill the form out online through a UC service (instead of Google) and not struggle with the PDFs or making the trip to drop off a paper form.

Will handwritten RAPPlications become a thing of the past?
I doubt it!  I'm just glad students have options.

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