Friday, June 21, 2013

All Over Spotlight!

At Student Spotlight during Bearcats Bound Orientation, a photo hunt found RAPPers displayed all around the atrium.  It's unlikely we found every RAPPer who was in the pictures, but check out who was found among all these tables:

Student Wellness Center
RAPP XXVII alumna Tiffany Stainfield
African American Cultural & Resource Center and Ethnic Programs & Services
RAPP VI alumna Dr. Bleuzette Marshall and RAPP I alum William Harris

RAPP XXVII alumna Kayla Ihuekwu

The Wesley House - Methodist Campus Ministries
RAPP XXVII alumna Keshar Smith
 Serve Beyond Cincinnati
RAPP XXIII alumna Mei Hseih
 Programs & Activities Council
RAPP XXIV alumna Latoya Watson

RAPP XXV alumni Rachel Berman & Tyler Thompson, RAPP XXVII alum Adrian Vance, and RAPP XXVIII alumna Emma Smith 
 The Women's Center
RAPP XXIV alumna Katie Meyer

ARJ 2012 alumna Kara Mate

RAPP XXVII alumni Jalisa Holidfield & Ana Montalvan

ARJ 2013 Peer Leader Corinne Patterson

Orientation Staff
RAPP XXVII alum Gregor McCord and RAPP XXV alumna Kristin Myers-Young
 Student Activities Board
RAPP XXVII alumna Samar Sheriff

ARJ 2012 alumna Jazmyn Battie
RAPP XXVI alum Dan Pham
RAPP XXIV alum Blake Jelley
RAPP XXV alum Anthony de la Rosa

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