Thursday, June 13, 2013

Notes from Nonviolence: Refining the Practice

Repetition was emphasized as a skill for effective trainers of the two-day Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation training.  Day Ten of the 12th International Nonviolence Summer Institute had us practice repetition in a positive way.

Day Nine we were put into co-training teams and jumped into preparing and practicing the process of the training.  Today, we refined this through practice, feedback, practice, feedback, practice, feedback, more practice, and even more feedback.

As we built confidence and competence, we were able to integrate more of the desired effective training practices and develop our voices as trainers of this curriculum.  All of this is in preparation for Day Eleven where we are assessed by the lead trainers for our ability to do the process of the curriculum (we were assessed on Day Six for our mastery of the content).

That's our final step for achieving Level I certification.  Please wish all our teams - especially Team 8, to which I belong - well in this assessment!

Our practice group, Team 7 & Team 8, at the end of the day with a friend!
Front left to right: Me, Kalisa, Kojo, Betty, Melissa, Tenzin
Back left to right: Ryan (training coach), Arjun, Joe, Vanes (training coach), Abdullahi 

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