Thursday, June 6, 2013

Notes from Nonviolence: Pilgrimage

From the first to the second days of the Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Reconciliation training, we had homework:  Among other things, we read King's Pilgrimage to Nonviolence (link is to impartial copy - it includes description of his pilgrimage but not the full description of the Six Principles of Nonviolence outlined at the end of the copy we read).

We started the morning of day two digging deep into this. We thought about, questioned, and discussed his journey as well as the nonviolent principles King outlined in detail in the Pilgrimage.  

We then moved through multiple models for effectively creating social change.  When Rev. Vivian emphasized the importance of strategy for effective nonviolent movements, this outlined key strategies to use.  These included the model of Aggression/Conciliation & the Dynamics of Social Conflict, the Hegelian approach to problem solving, and Top-Down/Bottom-Up Theory. This then led us into the Six Step of Kingian Nonviolence.  

Are you curious how to move the concept of nonviolence into effective action?  Then keep an eye out for SALD offering the two-day Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Reconciliation training starting this fall!
A guest expert panel to whom we asked questions about the Six Principles of Nonviolence

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