Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get LINKed with RAPP: UC Campus LINK

People have been able to link up with RAPP through our LinkedIn group for several years.  UC students will now have another way to link up with us online.

Student Activities & Leadership Development is launching a new student engagement portal this summer: UC Campus Link

It's building over the summer through Bearcats Bound Orientation and goes large this fall with Welcome Weekend, but certain student leaders and university staff are being early adopters over the summer to help prepare and build the site.  Many RAPPers are among them!

The site is being built for a variety of reasons, improved events calendar, development of a leadership transcript, and improved student organization registration and connections among them.

RAPP's page was among the first set up.  ARJ 2013, RAPP XXIX, and RAPPORT already have private pages set up for participants.  If you're a UC community member with a UC email address, check out the site and join RAPP on it!
This screencap highlights how UC Campus LINK brings together  much of our social media in a convenient location for students.

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