Thursday, June 6, 2013

Notes from Nonviolence: Moving into Action

Day three of the 2013 International Nonviolence Summer Institute involved us wrapping up the second day of the two-day Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Resolution training we participants are being prepared over the next two weeks to present.

After a day and a half of being our knowledge of nonviolent leadership and action, we were given the opportunity to practice what we're learning.  We practiced applying the Six Principles and the Six Steps of Kingian Nonviolence and worked to build the beloved community through a series of experiential activities - the details of which I won't share so that you all can experience it fully when you take this same two-day training through SALD (coming this fall)!

These opportunities provided us time and space to practice in safety of community.  This gave us the chance to receive feedback and reflect on our actions.

We ended with a group celebration, sending our energy and love out through a group singing of We Shall Overcome.  I  can't think there was ever a time I was with a group of people who more deeply do believe that we will live in peace.  We are building and growing together the beloved community that will make it so.

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