Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting to Know RAPP XXV

RAPP interviews are where we get to know the individuals who want to be a part of RAPP and develop a composite of the interests, identities, strengths, and needs of the upcoming group. They also give the candidates an opportunity to ask questions about RAPP and find out if we're something they want to commit to for the year.

Now in my third year of interviews, I still enjoy them! It's interesting to learn about the candidates and find out what questions and concerns they have about RAPP. We've spent the last two summers updating our interview process. We've got new applications, new questions, and better prepared interviewers.

This summer we're offering interviews before the quarter begins. Last week, we held our first three interviews for RAPP XXV! Even with school (mostly) out for the summer, we have several RAPPORT students who are volunteering their time to help with interviews.
(pic - Christie (right) was a superstar with RAPP XXIV interviews, Nicole (center) has already jumped in and been a huge help with the RAPP XXV interviews already)

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