Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One More Day of Data Collection!

Just over a week ago, the RAPP Rebranding Committee put out a survey to gather information from RAPPers current and previous on their thoughts on what a new logo would need to convey.

We've got one day left to gather info! Thank you to all of the many folks who've already completed the survey - I've taken a gander at some of the early results and you've provided a wealth of useful information.

I thought for the last push to get insight, I'd leak out some early info. So here it goes! Don't agree with what we're finding so far? TAKE THE SURVEY!

Over 1/2 of the respondents so far (23/42) are current members of RAPP - RAPP XXV.

"Challenge. Debate. Educate." is our most popular motto. "UC's Social Justice Forum" is our least.

"Socially Aware" and "Self-Awareness" are the words most commonly picked as "capturing the spirit of RAPP and RAPPORT." No one thinks "service" most captures our spirit.

Again, want to help us get the best logo ever? TAKE THE SURVEY!

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