Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictures from the Student Leadership Conference

RAPP's mission is fighting oppression through individual awareness and collective action. Seeing as we're just over 1/2-way through our RAPP year, we're still quite focused on the first part of that (the individual awareness) though we've started rolling the group slowly toward the latter part.
Many RAPPers come to the group with leadership experience, many don't. Whichever group they fall in, a lot of RAPPers strengthened their leadership foundation this weekend by attending the 25th Annual Student Leadership Conference - a great place to be to get ready for effective collective action.
Students listening to keynote speaker Dr. Jame'l Hodges.
Nloh (XXIV), zina (XXV), and Taylor (XXV) at lunch.
Brenna (XXII), friends, Courtney E (XXV), and Coya (XXIV) at lunch.
Kristin (XXV) taking notes on Dr. Hodges speech.
Katie & Nicole (both XXIV) enjoying lunch before the keynote.

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