Monday, March 1, 2010

RAPP Rebranding - We Need Your Feedback!

For many reasons, we're working in RAPP to develop a new logo for our future. We've had many great logos throughout the years - we're seeking another excellent logo for our 25th year and beyond!
The RAPP Rebranding committee is working hard to ensure that we get a logo that represents RAPP and RAPPORT well to the UC community and everywhere else RAPPers go. One of the keys we're looking for is for the new logo to come from our community. How will we do that this time?
We're having a contest!
To get ready for the contest, our committee is seeking feedback from RAPPers and our supporters. If you've been involved in RAPP in any way since our creation in 1986, your feedback is valuable!
The rebranding committee has created a survey and will conduct it through Wednesday, March 10th. It has five questions and should take five minutes or less to complete.
You can find the survey HERE.
Information gathered from the survey will be used in the creation of a detailed call for submissions.
(pic-one of RAPP's previous logos, the "peace on earth" logo)

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