Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Ready for RAPP XXVI!

A season is fast approaching - and I don't just mean spring! Recruitment season for RAPP XXVI will kick off in a week and a half with the start of spring quarter!

Recruitment employs a variety of tactics to bring notice to RAPP and get students interested in joining. This past year was a record-breaking year for us (in terms of recent history). Here are a few of the things we'll be doing again this year:
  • "Short" applications in a lot of Student Life offices. What I call the short application is an info sheet about RAPP that includes our schedule for the 2010-2011 year and a short form on the bottom they can fill out and tear off for more information about RAPP
  • "Short" applications in student binders in Bearcat Bound Orientation.
  • Tables! Tables! Tables! Our first info table will be at the WorldFest International Festival. From there they continue through activities fairs, Student Spotlight at every new student orientation, and a half-dozen welcome events during Welcome Week.
  • Info at all RAPP-led workshops. All year long, at every training or workshop I lead I give out information on RAPP. Now that the short applications are soon ready, I'll take them nearly every where I go.
  • Recruitment contest (like this one)! Year after year, we find that over half our group learned about RAPP through a friend who'd completed it. I want to bank on that knowledge and be intentional about it. This kind of thought is also behind RAPP T-shirt Days.
Though the info needed to apply is available (as of today!) on the RAPP website, I won't officially start recruitment until Monday, March 29th. [which is also the day the Rebranding Committee drops the RAPP logo design contest, btw]

We'll take student interest throughout spring and begin accepting full applications and conducting interviews in late spring.

We haven't set a final deadline for applications yet (should have that before recruitment starts), but I know we'll contact folks with their results by Friday, October 8th, 2010.

I hope you're similarly excited and getting geared up for getting our next amazing group together!

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