Monday, March 8, 2010

Slowly Finding Ourselves

As part of just generally benefitting ourselves and as part of getting ready for our RAPP Reunion, I'm still trying to dig up names of people who've completed RAPP.

More than just digging up names, I'm trying to find ways to contact people. Thankfully, many of us have connected through Facebook. Others have found the RAPP history website and sent me an email or gave me a call. Recently, I enjoyed a visit from Bradford H of RAPP VIII - which involved both a fun conversation as well as garnered a few more names for the list.

Robin Selzer of the UC Alumni Association (and previously of the UC Women's Center) has been beyond helpful in the quest for RAPPers. With her help, I've been searching the names we have in the University system. Today was an exciting one for me: I've found two-thirds of the people based on the first 70 names I have!

The search will continue over the next year as we're trying to get in touch with people for our reunion. If you're a former RAPPer (or happened to know some former RAPPers), you can help! Check out the RAPP History section of our website and help fill in missing names or correct misspelled names by emailing me at

(pic - a random picture of RAPPORT that I love!)

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