Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Spring Break!

Things have been quiet all over campus and in the Steger Student Life Center since most students are away on spring break. Things haven't necessarily been calm though! Here are some things to look out for in RAPP world over the next quarter:
  • RAPP XXV wrapping up! The group has one quarter left - so much to do, though the feeling that we're reaching the end is going to creep up soon! This quarter we focus heavily on allyship, finding one's own action plan for combating oppression, and issues of social justice around sexuality.
  • Finding RAPP XXVI! We start the process of taking on RAPP XXVI members in spring quarter. Applications will be available starting the first day of class, Monday, April 29th. That said, I've had interested people contacting me since last November.
  • Getting a new logo! The logo design contest starts on Monday, April 29th! The RAPP Rebranding committee has been working hard to get ready and are excited to see what comes in! More details will be posted here on this next Monday!
  • Getting ready for the RAPP 25 Year Reunion! Sure, it's more than a year a way, but we've got much to do to get in touch with RAPP alumni and get set. If you're a RAPP alum, mark your calendar for Saturday, May 21, 2011! Hope to see you there!
  • Continuing outreach. We've got a few workshops already set up for spring quarter and more requests coming in. If you're interested in a workshop on anything that RAPP talks about, give me a call (513.556.6119).
I hope all folks who have a spring break are having a great, relaxing one! I can't wait to get rolling with the coming quarter!

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