Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RAPP Logo Design Contest!

The "RAPP Rebranding" logo design contest is off and running!

Between now and Monday, April 26th, the rebranding committee is seeking submissions of logo designs from UC students. Submissions from the community will also be considered.

RAPP members current and previous helped the committee determine what is needed in our new logo through a survey conducted last quarter. The information gathered there was distilled into communication points in the call for submissions. Many thanks to all who helped us with that! Many thanks also to the hardworking rebranding committee members: Jojo of RAPP XXIV and Amber and Maggie of RAPP XXV.

Full contest details can be found on the RAPP website.

Best wishes to all who enter! Even if you don't submit a design, you can still be involved! Help us spread the word about this contest! Help us pick the winner: We'll be seeking community input on the final designs as well as ask the finalists to explain their design concepts at Finalist Presentations that are open to the public.

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