Monday, March 15, 2010

Stopping to Appreciate Progress

As mentioned earlier, I've been working to find the names of people who've completed RAPP and have benefited greatly from the RAPP community in this (though I still need your help).

Today I finished looking up the 277 names we have gathered so far in UC's alumni database. I'm excited to announce that I found 153 RAPPers in there! That's half of the people so far - and it's worth noting that a good 30+ of the people on the list were in RAPP in the last three years and are still in their undergraduate studies (so they're not alumni yet, and thus not in the alumni database).

There's still much work ahead - we have another 300-400 people to find who've finished RAPP!

You can find the current lists of names on the RAPP History website. Check out your year and see if there are any blanks you can fill in or names whose spelling needs to be corrected. Then shoot me an email ( or give me a call (513.556.6119).

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