Friday, June 11, 2010

Recruitment is Trucking Along

Today we hit 40! Forty UC students have contacted us about joining RAPP XXVI. I went back to last year's records - which was a "record-breaking" year (in recent years) for recruitment - and we're at nearly double the applicants we had last year at this time. Wow!

On Wednesday I conducted the first interview for RAPP XXVI. Wow! The applicant was so interested in RAPP and so desirous of getting in that we scheduled their interview for exam week of spring quarter!

Last year was the first year since I'd been with RAPP that we offered interviews during the summer. I'm happy to say that I considered it a successful operation and will be doing it again this year! Considering that I'm anticipating 80+ interviews for RAPP XXVI, I'm happy to work with RAPPORT students over the summer to finish off a handful or more of them during the summer.

Today is also a recruitment planning meeting between the Recruitment Coordinators Jojo (RAPP XXIV) and Brice (XXV). We'll be reviewing previous strategies and figuring out what will be the best way to connect with students about RAPP this year.

If you have any ideas for us on how to best connect with the UC community, please feel free to send them my way! You can contact me by email at lehmanrl [at] uc [dot] edu

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