Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Amazing Find!

As noted in a previous post, the history of RAPP comes in bits and pieces, stalls and spurts.
Today I received an amazing find from Arthur Walton of the UC Career Development Center. He found it among Linda Bates Parker's belongings in her office.
I'll post photos of the book later, but for now I'll post a brief description.
It has a simple cover and simple binding, the only artwork the old "horseshoe" UC logo and the original RAPP logo.
Inside is a wealth of information from the first year:
  • Information on the members selected for the first year (25 out of 68 applicants);
  • Documents from a presentation by Patricia Russell McCloud, Esq.;
  • A handout from the first RAPP Orientation, held Sunday, October 26, 1986 in the Boom Boom Room;
  • A partial copy of Clifton Magazine from spring 1986 - the cover story was "A Look at Racism in Black and White";
  • Promotional materials for RAPP;
  • A wide variety of letters to the editor written by RAPP members and articles written about RAPP;
  • Handout of "Racial Awareness Pilot Project: An Overview of the R.A.P.P. Program" presented at the ACPA/NASPA National Meeting in 1987.
I'll chronicle on-line in greater detail the documents in this book here on this blog!

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