Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Summer's Starting out SOLy

Today marked the third and last training session with the 2010 Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs).
This year is the second year RAPP is providing diversity training for the SOLs. In our first session this year we explored crosscultural communication strategies and whether they could be useful and/or practical in the SOL role. In our second session, we explored our perceptions of diversity at UC compared with the annual statistics provided by the Office of Institutional Research on the student body. Today, we explored the Just Community principles, what they mean to us as students, how they relate to our University experience, and the challenges and benefits of promoting Just Community on campus and to students at Orientation.
I greatly enjoy my time with the SOLs, who are an outstanding and engaged group! The Orientation office does an amazing job preparing amazing ambassadors. I look forward to seeing them throughout the summer as they introduce the incoming students to all the opportunities and resources available to them at UC.
(pic stolen from the Orientation website - look in the back right of the group and you'll see RAPP XXIV member Nicole C)

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