Monday, June 28, 2010

RAPP Craft in the Spotlight

Okay, granted, it's a small spotlight - but it still made me happy.

Some folks know that I like going to learn-to-craft workshops. I tend to blank out on creative ideas, so I fall back to RAPP mottos and ideas to end up with my finished product.

That's how I ended up with my RAPP flower pot. It's also how I ended up with a RAPP change-purse. Honestly, it's part of what inspired having a crafting aspect to the new RAPP logo unveiling.

A few months ago I went to a make-clay-tiles activity at Covington Clay. Rick Hoffman, artist and owner of Covington Clay, has been working on a community mural about the first ammendment. As part of that, he asked the community to contribute by making tiles and the bonus was we got to keep one of our tiles.

I just got a postcard with an update on the project. Guess what made it on the front!

One of my RAPP-themed tiles! I made two tiles both about Each One Teach One and carved in Racial Awareness Program.

I can't wait to get my tile to add it to my homemade RAPP kitsch collection in my office!

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