Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Trainings, Two Days

It's been a busy time this week, despite the end of the busy-ness that is coordinating RAPP.
Yesterday I spent most of the day at Xavier University. In the morning, I met wonderful staff members at Xavier's Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice (a recent merger of Campus Ministries and the Center for Peace and Justice).
I really enjoyed getting to learn about the work each office does, the challenges they've faced, and the amazing ways they've succeeded in their work. I also enjoyed talking a bit about RAPP, of course.
Then I went to my initial reason for being there: A workshop with the teachers and leaders of the Leadership Scholars, Inc. summer program. We had great conversations about ourselves, our social identities and overcoming stereotypes/assumptions around them, how we experience our race moving through the world, and continuing disparities in education around race.
Today I have the joy of working with the UC Student Orientation Leaders for this summer's orientation. We'll be reviewing a some of the communication concepts we explored in our last session and playing a game about diversity at UC.
Fun times in the world of RAPP!

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