Friday, June 25, 2010

Student Spotlight Starts Soon!

Student Spotlight - the one-hour time where incoming new UC students learn about ways to be involved on campus - starts on Monday!

The time is generally a fun one connecting with other groups on campus and with students who'll be joining us at UC in the fall.

Today we set up our basic display table for the summer. Thanks to our recruitment leaders Brice and Jojo we have an updated design for the board. We also have a fancy new tablecloth to take with us to our many info table events.
The picture's not great b/c it's from my worn-out old camera phone. Missing from the table are a netbook that runs videos of RAPPers in action. Also missing are the awesome RAPPer volunteers who help us connect with the orientation students.

We have a great spot this year! We're the second table on the left - prime real estate if you ask me. I'm very grateful to the Student Orientation Coordinators running Spotlight for giving us the opportunity each year to connect with students!

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