Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spread the Word Tip #1: Wear that Shirt!

To help promote RAPP, you don't have to be like Jojo (XXIV) here and carry a sign everywhere. If you think about it, he has TWO signs in that picture - the one he's carrying and the one he's wearing.

I can't count how many times my RAPP t-shirt has started a conversation. This is true both with people I already know and with complete strangers.

More than once, someone on the bus or out at a park has read the quote on the back and sparked up a conversation with me.

Friends and strangers alike often ask me about the logo... or the Roman numerals... or what the second P is for?

Wear your RAPP t-shirt to classes. Wear it to student group meetings. Wear it to community events, religious services, work (if you can), and just out-and-about. Even if you don't talk with someone about it, it creates visibility.

Also, a few times a year we'll have "RAPP T-Shirt Days" where we ask folks to wear their t-shirt. Our next one will be Wednesday, September 22nd. I hope to see you in your shirt then - I'll be wearing mine!

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