Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Early Results

I've spent several days now working with the pre- and post-tests for RAPP XXV. I should have a full report out soon that where you can read all the dry numbers about how people responded to the pre-/post-test, but for now, a few of the initial findings!
  • Regardless of whether they identified as members of the dominant/privileged group or subordinated/oppressed group in each area of identity, the average daily awareness of one's race, gender, and sexual orientation increased. The greatest increase of daily awareness was among those who self-identified as heterosexual.
  • Overall, the group members ability to define six key concepts increased. These included oppression, privilege, internalized oppression, ally, social construct, and intersectionality. The greatest improvement in ability to define was for "ally."
  • Group members overall reported a slight increase in the likelihood of challenging people who made statements they found offensive and disagreed with. The greatest shift toward likely to confront was the likelihood of confronting professors. Both pre- and post-, the group reported being mostly likely to confront close friends and romantic partners.
  • Group members reported an increase in use of communication strategies that enhance understanding and learning. The group they most reported an increase with was with good friends.

Up next? Recognition of individual, institutional, and societal levels of oppression!

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