Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Funny Photo

Last spring, RAPP was notified that we'd received a Just Community Award.  We were recognized for our 25 years of work and our strong commitment to building a just and caring community.

As a part of the process, we needed to have a photo to represent the group.  Our "brilliant idea #1" was shot down:  Put our logo in the awards ceremony book.

We had to take a photo.  "Brilliant idea #2" soon took shape.

Much of our recent success was built by a team of leaders.  I invited those in the area (and current RAPPers, who keep us going!) to come for the picture.

Three key leaders in RAPP elevation weren't in the area, though:

  • Un Kyong Ho was the Diversity Education Program Coordinator who not only ran RAPP for several years but was the person who got RAPP funded by the Diversity Council.  This funding was critical to RAPP's recent growth, as it created a full-time staff position solely dedicated to RAPP.
  • Sarvani Prasad was the Diversity Education and RAPP graduate assistant who was instrumental in several ways.  As the Diversity Education GA, she researched and wrote the Diversity Council proposal.  She then remained on staff as a facilitator of RAPPs XXIV and XXV.
  • Steve Succop was a RAPP facilitator who saw RAPP through the transition.  With Sarvani and Rebecca, he researched and co-wrote the current RAPP curriculum.  He facilitated RAPPs XXII, XXIII, and XXIV.

How to include such key team members when they're far away?  Print their pictures and hold them in the shot!

It didn't turn out perfectly (Sarvani's peeking out over a shoulder, Steve lost a foot in height, and Un's body is clearly missing), but it worked well enough!

Here's a shot of the picture in the soon to be available Just Community brochure for 2011-12:

Left to right:
Vicki Marsala Calonge - Assistant Director in SALD supervising Diversity Education and RAPP
Sarvani Prasad (peeking over shoulder)
Matthew Woodruff - RAPP XXVI
Charlene Monroe - RAPP XXVI, 2011 Terence L Jones Award Winner
Steve Succop
Rebecca Leham - RAPP XXII, current RAPP Program Coordinator
Kimberly McGinnis - RAPP VIII, former RAPP Program Coordinator
Shy Ruparel - RAPP XXVI
Amber Easterling - RAPP XXV, Peer Leader & Social Justice League 2010-11
Un Kyong Ho

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