Friday, September 16, 2011

Workshop with Theta Phi Alpha

Yesterday RAPP got to work with the women of Theta Phi Alpha as a part of their Rainbow Retreat!

The local Epsilon chapter is only slightly younger than the national organization itself, having established in Cincinnati in 1919.  The women engage in a variety of leadership development and community engagement activities while maintaining academic excellence.

Our conversations yesterday were about our social identities.  The participants shared their own identities and what that meant for them in small groups.  Then, as a large group, we discussed what impacts our levels of comfort in talking about different identities and how us talking about that relates to the upcoming sorority recruitment.

This was RAPP's second time participating in the Rainbow Retreat.  Thanks for another year of meaningful conversations, Theta Phi Alpha!
Members working on their Circles of Me handout.

Three members pause for a snapshot!

Small group discussion time during the Circles of Me activity.
Interested in a workshop?  RAPP does them all the time and for FREE!  Check out our Outreach page for more information.

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