Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Evening with Emerging Ethnic Leaders

Emerging Ethnic Leaders (EEL) is a leadership development program out of Student Activities & Leadership Development.  While it had existed previously, EEL had disappeared until it was revived last academic year under the coordination of Terri Hurdle, SALD Program Coordinator.

As described online, Emerging Ethnic Leaders helps first-year students of color develop their leadership skills. Through a supportive learning community, the program enhances leadership potential; fosters interpersonal, social, ethical, and moral development; and instills an attitude of social awareness and responsibility.

Program participants will attend monthly meetings, organize service projects, participate in an overnight retreat, and be paired with their own upper class mentor. The overnight retreat will include team building activities, interactive games, and featured presenters and facilitators.  

The program is largely successful due to the involvement of EEL Mentors.  This weekend, the mentors have been participating in a three day retreat to prepare themselves and the program for the year ahead.

RAPP was lucky enough to spend most of their first evening together with them.  We discussed our identities in many areas, we discussed inclusion/exclusion, and we strategized how to support and encourage growth of each other and our students through an organizational inclusion model (based largely on two models by Paul Gorski).

This was RAPP's second year participating in the EEL Mentor training - thanks for another year of rich conversation and learning!

Emerging Ethnic Leaders is currently taking applications for participants in the program!  The application is available here!
Program Coordinator Terri Hurdle kicked off the evening with ice-breakers and a program overview.

EEL Mentor Chris shares during the Circles of Me activity.

EEL Mentors Mark and Alix discuss participatory inclusion.

EEL Mentors Jerrica and Tyrick prepare a presentation on heroes & holidays programming.

EEL Mentors Asia and Mica present on representational inclusion.

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