Thursday, August 27, 2009

Challenging the Mythical Norm

Inspired by my enjoyment of searching Each One Teach One, I threw "Challenging the mythical norm" into the ol' Google search engine today. It didn't predict the phrase, which - combined with the lack of finding the actual phrase in full on other sites - makes me feel this is more of a "RAPP original." Y'know what? I like that.

Google pulled up 125,000 results for the phrase, but two things they were all just partial matches of the phrase. They brought up things by many of the great folks we use in RAPP, including Paolo Friere, Audre Lorde, and Patricia Hill Collins.

The first item that came up was actually ours! This advertisement - unused by us, to my knowledge - was designed by Diversity Education's go-to designere, Lisa Link, who has created countless gorgeous and thought-provoking images for DE events.

One thing we don't know about Challenging the Mythical Norm is when RAPP adopted it as one of our slogans. My uneducated guess is we got it from Patricia Hill Collins and found it very fitting for our work. I'd love if any who knows when and how we adopted it could share that with the rest of us!


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