Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs...

Something old is new again in our usual summer push for recruitment: We've brought back the above poster design. Digging through some older papers, I found a poster the the above design. I really like what it conveys, so we've re-adopted it.

I know nothing much about origin of the head-with-globe-inside logo, the "challenging the mythical norm" tagline, or the "Take the Challenge - Change Your World" slogan. We use the former two in our work and are reviving the last.

Where did they come from? Who designed them? What meaning did they intend to convey? Answers to these would be useful.

The logo has been used on RAPP t-shirts since RAPP XXI. We tout "Challenging the Mythical Norm" as one of our key mottos in advertising adn informational texts.

Now, with the contact and deadline information updated, we've spread this old-but-new image around campus on flyers and campus TVs.


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