Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our New RAPP Facilitator

We had an amazing pool of candidates for the RAPP Facilitator position. This isn't just blowing sunshine, it's the truth - the decision was very difficult because all of our candidates were strong and capable of the position.

I'm excited to introduce our new RAPP Facilitator to the group!

Tara Bonistall will be facilitating the RAPP XXV Wednesday group. She comes from the University of Kentucky with degrees in Social Work and Psychology. She currently works in public affairs and volunteer coordination and has a background in education and community advocacy.

She blew us away in her interview with her deep understanding of RAPP values and principles and ability to connect them to a facilitator's work. She also demonstrated great understanding of social justice theories and issues and had an ability to discuss them in very down-to-earth ways. She also demonstrated an infectious passion for the program and understanding of how the process works and the facilitator's role in making it work.

Join us in welcoming our Tara to our facilitation team!

Returning to our team is Sarvani Prasad, who has a great past with RAPP and has done much for the program. She was a GA with Diversity Education at the end of the 2007-2008 school year, where she was pivotal to us receiving support from the Diversity Council. She then became the RAPP GA, where she facilitated the RAPP XXIV Sunday group and played a major role in the development of the current RAPP curriculum. She did all this while completing a JD and an MA in Women's Studies.

I'm greatly looking forward to the amazing RAPP year ahead with this great team!


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  1. congratulation on the completion of your search and to the new RAPP facilitators.