Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RAPP 2.0

Considering how RAPP has evolved over the years, it's more likely we should be call RAPP 25.0. One of the more recent evolutions is our attempt to embrace Web 2.0. It's been touted as necessary as a program working with today's students. I think it funny (in a good way) that a program that is so low-tech in its functioning is working hard to be high-tech in its promotion.

With recruitment pulling into full swing as summer fades away, I want to reflect a bit on how we can use the web to connect with potential RAPP members. Mainly, I'm thinking about how we harness the web as a word-of-mouth tool.

*Messaging listservs. RAPP runs its own listservs for current groups and active RAPPORT members. Most people I know are on several and I belong to at least a half-dozen of UC listservs alone - through which I keep up-to-date on activities and issues around campus. Just as we learn about other things through these groups, others can learn about us through theirs. I'll be sending messages about RAPP to a dozen listservs this fall - send some to yours!

*Promote our videos - or make your own! You can see the RAPP videos made so far at our YouTube channel. Feel free to post them to your own blogs, Facebook profiles, and whatever else. Want to share about your RAPP experience? Make a video and pass it on to us - we'll help promote it!

*Fan us on Facebook; Share our blog. I'm trying to keep these fresh by updating 4-5 times each week about what's going on in the RAPP world. Check us out and encourage others to do the same. Participate in discussions on the RAPP fan page. Keep your eye on our calendar and spread the word about our events.

*Check out our website. The RAPP website through UC gets updated far less frequently than the blog and fan page, so it's a repository for much more static information. It goes over the basics of how to get involved and has a very cursory (but growing) overview of our history. It's a great place to send people who are interested in learning more about RAPP or want to learn how to apply.

(pic - Always high-tech: Kerry W working away at his computer in 1995)

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