Monday, August 10, 2009

Leadership for All

Each year, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development and the Omicron Kappa Delta honorary host a leadership retreat for incoming new students. This overnight event is called Camp Bearcat and is a great way for students to start their life as an emerging student leader at UC. Whether a student has previous leadership experience or not, Camp Bearcat is a great place to learn key leadership skills, network with other emerging leaders, and get introduced to student activities at UC.
The retreat is held at Camp Joy and lodging, food, materials, and transportation are provided for 60 students (first applied, first served basis).
Students must pay $25 to participate.
I checked in with Terri Hurdle, one of the people organizing Camp Bearcat, about the cost because of a value I picked up in my years in residence life: Any time I attach a cost to an activity, I create a class barrier. For many students, $25 is a managable cost for such a great opportunity. For some, it's an overwhelming amount and the opportunity may be lost.
Terri assured me there are ways in place to minimize the barrier and she said that any student for whom the fee means they can't participate should contact her - we'll find a way to make attendance possible.
I'd recommend this retreat for any first year student interested in getting involved on campus. Click HERE for an application.
(pic - Camp Bearcat logo, stolen from the application)

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